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The Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory (PAEI) is a very good guide to methods used when teaching adults. It allows us to recognise and categorize our students into the different philosophy groups. By doing this we are realizing the student’s potential. Dec 08,  · Additionally there should be education in the community. Places such as the American Legion, Hasan Temple, Knights of Columbus, and Local Churches should be reaching out to help people in their community to advance educationally and ultimately improve the community as a whole. Adult and Career Education is a broad field.

The Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory is designed to assist the adult educator to identify his/her personal philosophy of education and to compare it with prevailing philosophies in the field of adult Size: KB. My personal philosophy of adult education is formulated to cultivate adult learners who can realize the aforementioned benefits of education. A key purpose of adult education is to enable adult learners to maximize their full potential.

Of the five adult education philosophies, the one which best describes an educator with a teaching philosophy based on self-directed learning is the humanistic philoso- phy. To provide curriculum and staff development activities for Adult, Career & Technical Education staff that will encourage the use of integrated curriculum and application based learning. To seek and include business and industry partnerships in planning, implementation and evaluation of all instructional programs.

Adult education philosophy programs and courses are designed to supplement students' previous training or help them complete their degree. Career options depend on the course of study selected. An education in philosophy is not meant to prepare you to enter the workforce with a specific skill set, like knowing how to do someone's taxes. So, if it’s not meant as career-specific training, what is it good for? Don’t worry, philosophy has bigger plans for you than a handful of career .