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adult circumcision prostate - Tianna Circumcised Or Not

Circumcision surgery for adults is the best and most effective way to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It can be read in many types of research that the risk of having prostate cancer has decreased in the past Jewish and Muslim men who had been circumcised during their childhood are at the least risk of developing this type of cancer. Mar 12,  · Undergoing circumcision before first sexual intercourse was linked with a 15% reduced risk of developing prostate cancer. This finding is an association only and cannot prove cause and effect.

Apr 11,  · Surprisingly, circumcision doesn't hurt as much as you think, and is a regular outpatient procedure, says Men's Health's urology advisor, Larry Lipshultz, M.D., of Baylor College of Medicine. Circumcision rate shows an inverse correlation with prostate cancer incidence in 51 countries (P = ), supporting it having a protective effect against this disease (J.H. Waskett, Manchester, personal communication). Ascending passage of a particular STI to the prostate could be a causative factor in prostate cancer.