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adult diaper hypnosis - BNWO PMV (bbc hypnosis, black trainer, sissy cuckold)

HYPNOSIS WEARING DIAPERS AT NIGHT TIME INCONSTANCY PROBLEM BED WETTING Using adult diaper in bed while asleep, incontinent Nappy user. learn to feel safe wet. (18+) A hypnosis aimed to cradle you to sleep while you learn to always wear your diaper and learn to be relaxed while doing so.

Hypnosis and Diapers. As talked about in the Origins of Diaper Arousal page, many diaper fetishists become aroused by diapers due to the concept of losing control. Since hetero-hypnosis can create a hypnotic state deep enough that the subject will follow any command given, diaper . This hypnosis file leaves you obsessed with diapers. Every time you see an ad, every time you walk past a display in a store, every time you hear or see a small child your mind will end up .

This is a diaper fractionation loop for all littles and diaper lovers Get into a diaper, loop the loop, and enjoy. I’ve always loved your hypnosis, but this was epic, like the other poster .