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adult fecundity - ADULT TIME Lesbian BBWs Estella Bathory & Mischievous Kitty

Gaining weight in adulthood, being overweight or obese in adulthood, and being underweight at age 18 years were associated with a modest reduction in fecundity. Oct 09,  · Adult female P. pyriemerged in May reproductively immature and fed on tree foliage for ± days before laying their first batch of eggs. Adults lived for ± days, on average, and females laid a mean of ± eggs (maximum=) during their lifetime. Eggs hatched after 16–20 H.E. Billiald, N.A. Straw, A.J.A. Stewart.

Sublethal concentrations of Abate (temephos) were applied to F2 generation Aedes aegypti larvae, and fecundity and longevity were recorded in the emerged adults. Females exposed to Abate oviposited only in the first 2 gonotrophic cycles, meanwhile control females laid a few eggs after taking the thi . Lifetime fecundity was +/- adult offspring per female, with most eggs deposited within 12 days after adult eclosion. Olive size affected parasitoid performance, with lower parasitism.

Daily fecundity (number of nymphs produced per adult per day) varied with time for both aphid species and in each experiment (fig. 2). From the Cambridge English Corpus These . Some information on total fecundity and adult longevity on three tree species exists and suggests that the adults will choose the trees with the higher sugar content for feeding and oviposition. There is no documentation of how strains from different geographic areas differ and how this might impact management programs.

May 31,  · On average, honey-fed females lived days and produced offspring; unfed females lived days and produced 80 by: Nov 28,  · Significant effects on adults included inhibition of female feeding, oviposition effort and fecundity for adults exposed to azadirachtins Cited by: 2.