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NIO-A When you need immediate vascular access, you can be confident that the NIO Adult™ is complete and ready to use. The NIO Adult is an automatic intraosseous access device packaged for quick, safe, easy vascular access in 10 seconds or less *. Objective: Intraosseous (IO) access is increasingly being used as an alternative to peripheral intravenous access, which is often difficult or impossible to establish in critically ill patients in the prehospital setting. Until recently, only Paramedics performed adult IO by: 5.

Jan 01,  · The authors' favoured intraosseous needle for adult use is all stainless steel, 3 cm long by 14 gauge, with a 45° trocar tip and side ports (Cook Critical Care). This needle is robust and rapidly penetrates the adult bone cortex with by: Cost-effective intraosseous device achieves vascular access to adult patients in under 10 seconds. Semiautomatic device with no exposed needle and redundant safety features. Self-contained with 5-year shelf life. Specifications. Color.

Introducing the NIO™ Adult The New Intraosseous device from the makers of The Emergency Bandage® The NIO is an automatic intraosseous device packaged for safe, quick, and easy vascular access. No drills, no batteries, no extra parts.