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Jul 10,  · Adults need a practical approach to learning. They may understand the importance of keeping up with changes impacting their life or their profession, but they are rarely satisfied to . The Six Perceptual Modalities (Preferred Learning Styles) Of Adults Are: 1) Visual. Visual learners need to see simple, easy-to-process diagrams or the written word. PowerPoint presentations and flip chart graphics are very helpful to these learners.

Adult Learners: Characteristics, Qualities, and Needs Andragogy is the study of how adults learn and is a theory developed by Malcolm Knowles based on a variety of research centered on adult development, needs, and learning styles. Adults have the freedom to learn in their own way. Many adults can remember having only one type of learning style growing up; this is mainly determined by their teachers’ preferred teaching method. However, as an adult learner you may find out that you prefer a different learning style, or a .

Principle 2: Adults Need to Learn in Their Own Way There are three general learning styles for providing information: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic or tactile. Visual learners rely on pictures. “Show me,” is their motto. You can best communicate with them by providing handouts, graphs, diagrams. Dashboard. Instructional. Lesson 1: Needs of Adult Learners.