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A platelet count lower than , per microliter of blood is known as thrombocytopenia. A count lower than 10, is considered severe thrombocytopenia. When your platelet count gets too low, it can cause dangerous internal bleeding. Learn more about what causes low platelet count on our blog. Determining Platelet Count A routine blood test. Jan 02,  · A platelet count that is lower than it once was, or that is on the lower end of normal, may not be a cause for concern in an older adult—especially if there are .

Aug 14,  · The normal platelet count for adult males is to billion per liter of blood, notes Mayo Clinic. Platelet counts outside of this range may be indicative of a medical condition or be the result of medication. An abnormally low platelet count is a condition known as thrombocytopenia, according to Mayo Clinic. A high platelet count is known. Normal Platelet Count for female adults (–) For old men normal platelets range (–) and, old women range (–). Studies confirm these facts about platelet level in human blood: Concentration of platelets in blood samples drawn .

Nov 09,  · Low platelet count is an alarming sign and needs immediate attention for sure. People whose platelet count is lower than 1, 50, should be worried and be looking for ways as for how to increase platelet count naturally. With some simple home remedies and lifestyle changes, it is possible to push up platelet count and take it up to normal levels. A platelet count is a laboratory test used to identify the number of platelets in the human body. It is one way to detect the occurrence of disease as well as the appropriate treatment that needs to be done for the patient. Blood counting is just one method used to [ ].