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Apr 23,  · A child’s motivation is also sustained by ideals. Children want to become like, to learn from, and to earn the respect of the people they admire. Too often, we overlook this fundamental aspect. Dec 28,  · My adult son is lazy. Should I kick him out? but he has no motivation to do anything. Adult offspring can have trouble “launching” from the family home. This can be down to several Annalisa Barbieri.

Jul 15,  · PS I had similar issues with my son when he was a teen. No amount of prodding etc. changed things. Years later, I asked him about it and here’s what he said, “Mom, I just had to get there on my own, in my own time.” Hope this helps! Joyce Mabe Parenting Coach, school counselor, mom of adult son with ADHD, author. Mar 15,  · You might have big ideas for your adult child, but don't be too critical of his smaller steps. That constant criticism can hurt his motivation to try for something better. He might not get the best possible job right away. However, securing a job is .

Jan 07,  · Establish in your own mind that you don’t owe your adult son anything. Then get on with the job of finding out what you can actually do, as an expression of love, to help him get re-established. Once you’re on a positive, proactive trajectory, sit down with your son and work out some realistic goals. Feb 09,  · Tackling a to-do list when you lack motivation is not impossible, but it takes a lot of energy, and, for some, it actually feels physically painful. Spending our days trying to complete tasks we are not motivated to do makes us feel bad.

Mar 18,  · The lack of motivation that can be caused by depression and other mental illnesses can be debilitating. There are some things that are so important they must be done as soon as possible. But for those who battle depression, the lack of motivation can be an enemy that seems insurmountable at times (Depression Can Drain You of Your Will to Live). Dec 05,  · And finally, having no motivation can also be a symptom of a physical health condition. This includes chronic fatigue syndrome, hyperthyroidism, epilepsy, and brain tumours. When low motivation is a GOOD thing  Low motivation can be a wakeup call.