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Jan 25,  · Adult meltdowns and rage attacks can resemble tantrums, but they tend to happen when someone can no longer cope with tension or painful emotions (not . May 15,  · Usually adult temper tantrums aren’t physical —they don’t involve kicking toys or jumping up and down screaming—although sometimes they do! .

Adult temper tantrums can be verbal, physical or both. For example, someone might shout, curse, slam doors, kick or throw objects around. “Adult temper tantrums are the result of uncontrolled emotions.” Adult temper tantrums are often tolerated despite them having a negative impact on those around them. Jun 14,  · Adults Can and Do Have Tantrums Medically reviewed by Scientific Advisory Board — Written by Anjail Ameen-Rice, LCSW on June 14, When we hear the word tantrum, we picture a .

The Adult Tantrum and its Treatment. Adults can and do slip back into the mode of a child having a temper tantrum, but it is not as immediate or obvious. Unfortunately, adult temper tantrums can last for years. As indicated above, the signs are raging and destruction that are clearly harmful but don’t stop. Jan 28,  · We are supposed to be, well, adults, but we can act exactly like children in certain situations. Fact is, there is no age for people to throw tantrums and generally speaking, most people throw tantrums when they do not get what they want. How to Deal With Adult Temper Tantrums. Dealing with kids throwing tantrums is easier than dealing with adults.