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Choose a wetsuit built with lightweight fabrication that keeps you warm and absorbs less water. For extra flex and protection, suit up with wetsuits built with knee pads. Find a wetsuit that is designed for your water temperature and depth and pair with water shoes or other footwear designed to provide in-the-water traction. Pull on a full-body. A wetsuit insulates the body so that it stays warm even in cold conditions. The first wetsuit came out in the early s, and was introduced by physicist Hugh Bradner. Back then, it was worn by members of the US Navy. Wearing a wetsuit poses several advantages. First, it .

In addition to being a good fit, your wetsuit should be matched to the expected water conditions and temperatures. In general, thinner neoprene (mm) is best in warmer waters of temperatures of 65 degrees and up. For colder temps or prolonged time in the water, consider a thicker suit of mm. Shop the best selection of wetsuits at, where you'll find premium outdoor gear and clothing and experts to guide you through selection.

Build: The Orca S7 Tri Wetsuit Tri Wetsuit features a full-sleeve design and is constructed from #Cell Yamamoto neoprene with a 2mm thickness across the majority of the suit. This fabric is going to allow for insulation between 55°F °F (°C °C) and is also super durable ensuring that your wetsuit stays in prime condition for a. Wetsuit Wearhouse. Welcome to the largest selections of wetsuits and neoprene accessories on the planet! Established in as a one-stop wetsuit shop, we now stock over 25, wetsuits, rash guards, wetsuit boots, gloves, and hoods. Regardless of .

The Airtime Watertime® Floater™ is a new kind of flotation wetsuit that gives you the security and confidence to swim safely and freely, whether you’re new to the water, an old pro, a para-swimmer or a swimmer with disabilities. Osprey Mens Full Length 6mm/5mm Winter Wetsuit, Adult Neoprene Surfing Diving Wetsuit, Zero, Black. out of 5 stars £