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Apr 09,  · An adult nursing relationship is also known as adult breastfeeding or ANR. Doing adult breastfeeding makes a woman experience exceptional inner peace. And intense emotional connection that can happen during the clear moments of breastfeeding adults. Adult Nursing Relationship can carry benefits as well for the nursing partner. Adult nursing is incredibly intimate and loving, much more so than sex. It is hard to describe.

Dreams of Milk is a community devoted to couples and singles alike that wish to experience the benefits of one of the most rewarding and intimate lifestyles you will ever experience — the world of Adult Nursing Relationships (ANR) / Adult Breastfeeding Relationships (ABR). Sep 17,  · Suckling as an adult does not come easy; just taking the nipple into your mouth won't produce much of a result. You would think that women seeking an ANR would realize that many (if not most) ABs have something of a talent for suckling; unfortunately, they don't seem able to get past the idea that the partner at their breast is wearing a diaper.

In the very basic definition, an ANR is an Adult Nursing Relationship in which an adult suckles from either a lactating or non-lactating woman. If the woman is not producing milk as her partner suckles, this is referred to as "dry nursing", and is often done for .