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Jan 26,  · Molly Wisniewski has cared for older adults living with dementia for over ten years. She is a recent graduate of the Erickson School, UMBC where she received her M.A. in the Management of Aging Services. Her blog Upside to Aging is dedicated to sharing an alternative and more positive side to aging. Housing & Population Stats – 14% of the population are seniors, and 33% of those live alone. 4% of the residents aged 65 and older have an annual income of less than $10k and 17% less than $20k. 17% receive food stamps.

Apr 18,  · Largely spearheaded by aging adults who were tiring of their large, single-family homes, and seeking an alternative as they grew older. “American’s want to be able to close their doors, pull down the blinds and sell their homes, but at the same time, they want more opportunities for community,” said Raines Cohen, a board member of the. Alternatives has been serving seniors aged 60 and above each year since the early ’s and has expanded to help individuals with a disability. This not-for-profit social service agency has the most experienced personnel in assisting older adults with some of the lifestyle changes they encounter.