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Multiple Levels of Adult Cognitive Development Along with the increase in overall complexity of adults' cognitive development, both developmental research and everyday observations indicate that adults show multiple levels of cognitive development, not performance at one fixed level. Cognitive, or thinking processes, also change in middle adulthood. Many people, Robert included, notice that their memory is not as sharp as it was in .

Apr 15,  · The term, “cognitive aging,” is typically used to refer to the area of developmental psychology focusing on the study of cognitive changes from young adulthood to very late life. Among the developmental processes of interest are those that reflect cognitive functioning, such as intelligence, memory, and by: 3. Cognitive Development in Middle Adulthood Section 2 Introduction -Adults in middle age witness continued cognitive development, with many individuals becoming experts in a .

Feb 05,  · Cognitive Development in Late Adulthood There are numerous stereotypes regarding older adults as being forgetful and confused, but what does the research on memory and cognition in late adulthood actually reveal?Author: Rena Grossman.