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Description Give your partner the pleasure they’re seeking. TROJAN® ON THE DBL™ lets you bring lube into the moment without any awkwardness • Easy-open, no mess design • Trusted Trojan Quality • Shipped in discreet packaging Each nested pod includes: • 1 easy-to-open condom (lubricated ultra-sensitive latex condom) • 1 no-mess, squeezable lube (2 ml. silicone lubricant)Brand: Toppik. Get the pleasure you want and the protection you trust with Trojan Condoms. Find latex, lubricated, ribbed and more from the number one condom brand.

Heat things up right from the beginning. Rub the lubricant of your choice on your fingers and use it to stimulate yourself or your partner. It’s a great addition to foreplay. Lube is also a great way to keep the pleasure going, so the bliss lasts on and on. And if you’re on your own, lube is a great way to change up your masturbatory routine. Nov 30,  · Lubricated condoms are the latex condoms you find most often in drugstores. They may be lubricated with spermicides or a non-spermicidal personal lubricant. Some people find that lubricated condoms are easier to manage and put on than non-lubricated condoms.

If you’re trying to stock up on condoms, look no further than the Trojan ENZ Lubricated 36 pack. For an affordable price, you get 36 lubricated latex condoms. The condoms are designed with a reservoir tip and have a smooth, non-ribbed texture. Best Latex-Free: Durex Avanti Bare RealFeel Non-Latex Condom. Jun 22,  · Condoms are usually made of latex or polyurethane. If possible you should use a latex condom, as they are slightly more reliable and in most countries they are most readily available. Latex condoms can only be used with water based lubricants, not oil based lubricants such as Vaseline or cold cream as they break down the latex.

Be ready with these smart answers to the most common lame excuses for not wearing a condom. Learn More HOW TO USE Check out this how-to video from the maker of TROJAN™ Brand Condoms that shows you how to get it on before you "get it on." Learn More FAQs Here are answers to those sometimes embarrassing questions about STIs, sexual health, and.