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creatine in young adults - Adult teacher loves young boys

Aug 19,  · Certain individuals may have higher than normal levels of creatinine: Young or middle-aged adults who are muscular or athletic may have higher creatinine levels due to greater muscle mass Elderly people who are dehydrated or . May 29,  · Creatine, the precursor for creatinine is synthesized in the liver. About 2% of creatine is converted into creatinine daily. In a normal, healthy individual, creatinine is excreted from the kidneys. Extra-renal excretion of creatinine occurs only when there is severe impairment of renal function.

On average, it is produced endogenously at an estimated rate of about mmol or 1 gram per day in young adults. Creatine is not an essential nutrient as it is naturally produced in the human body from the amino acids glycine and arginine, with an additional requirement for methionine to catalyze the transformation of guanidinoacetate to thumbxxx.xyzein Reference: The minimum age for taking creatine is Little is known about how it affects a growing body, so children and teens shouldn't take these supplements. What Is the Minimum Age for Taking Creatine? |

Dec 08,  · Creatine has been widely used as a sports and exercise supplement since Numerous studies over 20 years have shown that it is one of the few sports supplements that actually worksis completely safe for healthy adults. Apr 20,  · Although creatine does have performance benefits for older and more mature athletes, young and still-growing high school athletes should first educate themselves on the product before beginning.