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Jun 14,  · Well, we had sex again this morning, and the condom broke again (again, he didnt ejaculate). I recommend that anyone who has an HIV exposure significant enough to warrant a . Hello,Broken-condom sex carries the same HIV -acquisition risk as unprotected sex. Consequently STD screening, including HIV testing, is warranted. You are correct: you'll need to wait until.

Firstly I applaud you for using condoms, and stopping to put on a new one when the first condom broke, because using condoms is the best way to prevent passing HIV. You are correct that according to Canadian and international guidelines, HIV test results are considered conclusive three months after a possible exposure. When a condom breaks during sex, there is the moment of panic understandably so! Currently, the use of Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is offered in the event of a "high-risk" event. The approach is similar to the approach used when a health care provider is exposed via a .

Isolating the act itself, anal sex with a broken condom is considered to be of High Risk (transmission is possible in the given scenario). However, due to the undetectable status of your partner, you are at a much lower risk for transmission. Jul 22,  · Preventing HIV Infection If you know, or even suspect, that fluids were exchanged as a result of a condom breaking during sex and your HIV status or that of your partner is positive or unknown, the ideal next move is to go to the nearest clinic or emergency room with your partner. Explain to the intake doctor or nurse exactly what has happened.

This brings us to the 2nd exposure that you describe which, because of the broken condom, became unintentionally unprotected sex (her use of saliva to finish you off after the condom broke is immaterial). Even so, your risk of HIV is low. Sep 01,  · Condom broke while making love, can I get HIV? Posted on September 1, by admin — 1 Comment ↓ 5 months ago, I had a one night stand with someone who’s sexual health I’m unsure of and can’t ask, but who clarified that he was clean and tested.