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May 01,  · Clitoral atrophy involves the clitoris losing sensation and shrinking. It can cause sexual activity to be less pleasurable and even painful. This can cause frustration, for example, and a loss of. Jan 17,  · afew queens wrote to me about a couple of issues and one was that their pink button aka clitoris had shrunk and another said her vaginal walls had shrunk and lost muscle too. I will be heads on and summerise this for you. About the clitoris shrinking,its reffered to as Clitoral atrophy.

clitoris shrink. A female asked: small lump just below the clitoris that swells up at times and then shrinks. when swelled up sometimes has a slight purple color. doesn't hurt at all. Dr. Adam Levy answered. 37 years experience Obstetrics and Gynecology.