teen has her vagina fingered to orgasm by older guy - if girl is on pill and guy has condom


if girl is on pill and guy has condom - teen has her vagina fingered to orgasm by older guy

Question. My girlfriend has started taking the Pill and she assures me that it is safer than a condom.. I still think I should wear a condom anyway. . You also don't need to be using withdrawal: again, with the pill and condoms, there's just no need, and in fact, in racing to withdraw, it can (understandably) be pretty easy for a guy to forget to hold the base of the condom. To boot, there's just no reason to do something that isn't going to provide extra protection in a given situation when.

As a guy, condoms while useful, take a certain feeling away. Sometimes it even impacts performance depending on your state, lol. I prefer the girl to be on the pill, but some girls can have side effects from birth control so you work with what you can. Not to mention, intercourse without a condom feels better in my opinion. May 08,  · If the girl is on the pill and the guy has never had sex and the girl has a few times but she has been checked out and is clean is a condom really needed? and sense seeing the pill is % effective at preventing pregnancy do u really need a condom?

Mar 20,  · 3.) You’ve missed one pill that wasn’t the first or last active pill. Take it immediately and then take the one you’re supposed to take today. You’re protected. 4.) You miss two or more pills. You need backup contraceptives for 7 days. Take the two pills you missed then take the one you need to take today. Mar 04,  · I'm 19 years old and I am on birth control. I have been taking birth control for 6 months now and this last weekend I had sex with my bf but he did not use a condom. When I had sex I had one active pill left and 7 placebo Pills left. The week before I had sex I took one pill late and this caused me to have spotting all week.

Nov 18,  · If you want another data point, I've never had a pregnancy scare in 13 years of being on the pill with frequent no-condom sex. posted by Polychrome at AM on November 19, I'm not so sure that you can extrapolate from the data the way that karst is doing. Dec 21,  · If a guy uses a condemn and pulls out before he comes inside you, could I still get pregnant? Not likely. If your partner uses a condom and pulls out before he ejaculates — comes — then you’re using two different kinds of birth control methods. The first, the male condom, is an effective way to prevent thumbxxx.xyz year, two out of women whose partners use .