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plesuremax condom - Wife eating a condom full of her black lovers cum

Durex Pleasuremax Condoms. Are you receiving some negative vibes from your partner during or after sex. Di you want to add some sizzle that will please both of you? Any man can become a better lover with the Durex Pleasuremax Condom. She will wonder if . Now with Warming Lubricant, Durex Pleasuremax condoms have raised dots and ribs to maximise stimulation for both partners. Lubricated with a gentle, non-spermicidal lubricant. Transparent, raised dotted and ribbed texture, teat ended condoms made from hypo allergenic natural rubber latex.

Durex Pleasuremax condoms have a specially patterned shape with a brilliant combination of strategically positioned ribs and raised dots, providing extra intensity through high stimulation. The bulb shaped head combined with the contour shape and light lubrication allow for greater fit, extra friction, and ultimate enjoyment. If you are looking for something pleasure-shaped and a little. Pleasuremax features a ribbed and dotted texture for mutual stimulation. Natural Feeling condoms have a water-based lubricant for a natural feel. Extra Sensitive condoms are ultra-thin to give both partners the intimate feeling of skin-on-skin contact and heighten pleasure. Extra lubrication enhances sensation to intensify the experience.