my lactation breasts squirting listen to the sound of breast - pros and cons of breast reconstruction


pros and cons of breast reconstruction - my lactation breasts squirting listen to the sound of breast

Breast Reconstruction Pros The most obvious and important benefit of breast reconstruction is that it allows women who have lost a breast, or suffered a damaged breast, to repair their anatomy and become whole again. Reconstruction can fix the damage caused by infection, disease, cancer, mastectomy or traumatic injury to the breast or nipple. Oct 05,  · PROS: Breast reconstruction may help women feel more comfortable about the way they look after a mastectomy, Susan G. Komen reported. Eliminates use of an external prosthesis, which would fit inside a bra. Surgical scars will likely fade over time. Federal law requires most insurance plans cover the cost of breast reconstruction. CONS.

May 09,  · Reconstruction often is an option for women who need radiation therapy after a mastectomy. While radiation can increase the chance of complications and alter the cosmetic appearance of the reconstructed breast, advances in surgical techniques produce good results for many patients, Dominici notes. Breast Reconstruction Surgery | Deciding Whether To Have Breast Reconstruction Many women choose to have reconstruction surgery, but it might not be right for everyone. Learn more about the pros and cons of breast reconstruction, as well as other options.

Jul 20,  · An immediate reconstruction allows the patient to wake up with at least the breast mound in place; with a nipple-areola sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction the breast may look almost normal. On the other hand, not all breast cancer patients are . Reconstruction of the breasts done at the same time as surgery to remove the cancer. Pros: The patient wakes up with a breast mound already in place, having been spared the experience of seeing herself with no breast at all. The process is done in the shortest time possible and is not a series of complex surgeries over a length of time.