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erotic female interrogation stories - ## Rebecca -- an erotic story from San Diego Marina ##

She faces a trial. Interrogation turns rough with an aeromorph The Truth and Only the Whole Truth. A Female Spy is Kidnapped! Rhiannon's Calling. Locked in chastity, Dominai assists with a spell. Catherine's ordeal reaches its 'climax'. and other exciting erotic stories at thumbxxx.xyz! Spying can have unpleasant consequences. Vacationing couple endures interrogation and trial. Trisha and Gabriella begin their interrogation. Fun with rope. David is forced to confess his secret fetish. An unlucky computer analyst is "interrogated". and other exciting erotic stories at thumbxxx.xyz!

Captured female spy is interrogated, or is she? New Story Page Preview. Try the new mobile-friendly Literotica story page with font customization!! Click Here To Preview. BDSMKatrina's Interrogation. Katrina's Interrogation. The female spy protested several times before she seemed to realize he was paying her no heed. His physical strength overpowering her would be good place to begin. With a hand at her nape, he pushed her head toward the stocks while leaving her wrists tied.

Warning - This story contains explicit and graphic. depictions of sexual activity, including the humiliation. and mistreatment of women. If this kind of thing doesn't. appeal to you then please read no further. If you do read. further, bear in mind that this is a work of fiction and. any similarity with people living or dead is entirely. These stories have stood the test of time and have been so notorious that they have managed to not be lost to history over 20 years of the internet. That said, this story is about the yellow power ranger Ashley being captured and subjected to increasingly extreme forms of torture by a female protagonist.

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