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Commissions & Role Play Services. Story Commissions Visit the Stories section of this site for samples. Ask for Rate Consideration (Rates will be approximately between $ and $). THIS IS A TRUE STORY!!! WARNING THE FOLLOWING STORY CONTAINS FART DOMINATION AND FART FETISHISM. READER DISCRETION ADVISED. Some background: My mother is an older (40 at the time) petite single mom with short ginger hair, .

Brian in this story developed a crush on one of Felicity's friends Trish. As he complains about the smell, the girls want him to appreciate their gas so they do something pretty kinky, and he ends up developing a fart fetish. I won't spoil too much but here is the link, it was my first fart erotic story and still my favourite. Nov 28,  · Fart Fetish > Fetish Stories > Experiences > *True Story* Morning Farts with Jesse. Share. Share with: Next *True Story* Morning Farts with Jesse *True Story* Morning Farts with Jesse. Monicafitz5. 86 Monicafitz5. 86 Post Jun 06, #1 T (So this is a true story that happened between me and my ex girlfriend. I.

Nov 19,  · The Fart Closet. Forums. General Discussion. Fart Fetish Anything related to our site's primary fetish. Support Group Having a fetish isn't easy, but you're not alone. 0 0 (Contains no messages) RSS. Suggestions Help make our site a better place. 0 0 (Contains no messages) RSS. Storytelling. Fiction Stories Spin your best yarns in here. Feb 17,  · A brief look at fart fetishes. A couple of years ago, I published the first academic study of an eproctophile in the Archives of Sexual paper was a .

Anon fart stories vol 4. a guest. Aug 15th, 5, Never (where I said that sister2's fart was the closest to a facefart I had gotten). She was the second person I ever told about my fart fetish. First was a best friend, we told each other everything.